Three Thoughtful Gun Control Debate Questions

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Gun control debate pros and cons

Gun control is an extremely hot-button issue right now in the United States. After the Sandy Hook Massacre, many people called for stricter interpretation of the Second Amendment. After the Boston Marathon bombing, Americans felt as though they needed to keep some form of self-defense since, clearly, the government could not protect them. The discussion rages on. Gun control debate arguments often devolve into close-minded shouting matches. When talking about gun control pros and cons, we have to consider both sides of the issue. Here are three gun control debate questions and thoughts from the two opposing perspectives.

  1. Would You Support Gun Insurance?
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    A popular idea coming from the pro gun control debate is the idea of gun insurance. As the Christian Science Monitor points out, premiums would vary based on background checks and perceived risk. The system, in theory, would function just like auto, health, or home insurance.

    Those against gun control call the proposal a blatant attack on our right to bear arms. They claim it discourages people from arming themselves by making it too expensive. On the other hand, gun control advocates call it a common sense plan to ensure those harmed by irresponsible gun owners will be taken care of.

  3. What are U.S. Murder Rates Compared with Armament?
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    According to the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, the United States is number 24 for global murder rates with the most armed population in the world. Krouse reports that in 2009 Americans owned 310 million guns. Gun ownership in the States, however, seems to be decreasing.

    Advocates for liberal gun ownership laws hold that this is proof that gun ownership does not correlate with murder. Gun control debate questions such as these are largely viewed as a non-issue. On the other hand, gun control supporters point out that the U.S., while 24th globally, has the highest murder rate of any first world nation and that this proves correlation.

  5. Where Does Self-Defense End?
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    The second amendment guarantees us the right to bear arms in order to defend ourselves and keep our government from repeating the mistakes of our former British overlords. Firearms, it is claimed, are our only defense against tyranny in the modern age. This is the biggest among gun control debate cons for detractors of stricter regulation.

    On the flip side, those arguing the gun control debate pros state that weapons are overwhelmingly used for cases of offense instead of the defense they are meant for. Business Week states that some estimates put defensive gun use at 300,000 instances a year. On the other hand, according to, firearm use by criminals numbers above 500,000 instances annually.

The gun control debate will continue to rage on in the United States. To really understand the issue Americans must see both the pros and cons of gun control debate questions. Only through education, understanding, and communication will these issues be solved. Consider these three questions in your next gun control debate.