The Average Gun Owner is Irresponsible! Three Reasons for Tougher Gun Control

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One of the big headline stories has been the murder of 23 year old Christopher Lane, a baseball player from Australia who was gunned down by three Oklahoma teenagers while running. Why? The unbelievable answer was… they felt bored. This case and others like it have again raised the question, have we made guns too easy to access by people who are likely to misuse them?

There is no real debate against gun control to be had. There are only people who would rather argue than look at evidence, and then there are people willing to allow restrictions if it means a safer environment for everyone. We understand, however, that this is a volatile way to enter gun control debate arguments. So here are our three reasons we stand behind this.

1. The Second Amendment is Misunderstood

When it was written, the right to bear arms referred to a number of weapons. Guns at that point in time had to be imported, making them expensive enough that few people had them. Guns were also barely more efficient at killing than a knife, so assuming that the context has remained the same over time is flawed. The laws should be updated to reflect the growing danger guns pose owing to their accuracy and relatively attainable price.

2. Your Fear is Not a Law

A common point in pro gun control debates is that we will be withholding guns from people who need to protect themselves against the lawless who will obtain guns anyway. There are, however, few gun control statistics to support this. The U.S. is not the only country in the world to have this issue, but it does have the highest rate of legal gun ownership. Correspondingly, The U.S. has more than double the death rate by gun of any developed nation. These numbers show that when there are more restrictions in place limiting ownership to responsible individuals, less people die.

3. The Reality of the Average Owner

You can argue back and forth about the gun control debate pros and cons, but many gun control debate arguments assume responsible ownership. Many completely legal guns end up killing people because owners are careless. The National Institute of Justice conducted studies several years ago to determine what gun ownership looked like. They found that more than half of all guns were stored unlocked, and 16% were stored unlocked and loaded. Another study published in Oxford Journals noted that having a gun increases the risk of homicide and suicide in the home. Even if we like to think we’d only use them in the right circumstances, 32% of homicides by home gun occur during a family argument.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts on gun control debate arguments!