Pros and Cons of Gun Control

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Gun control statistics

Gun control has been a controversial topic for many years and there are good points being made by both sides on this issue. Controlling arms is not really anything new at all. Ancient civilizations were having the arms debate when they only had swords and arrows. Gun violence is the biggest advocate for people wanting stricter gun laws. There are pros and cons of gun control that everyone should be aware of. There are violence issues, safety issues and issues about the ability to protect yourself from someone who can easily overpower you. Understanding gun control to its full extent is the best way to identify all the pros and cons of gun control.

On one hand, stricter gun laws will make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to obtain firearms. On the other hand, criminals will still continue to acquire firearms on the black market. Law abiding citizens that want to acquire firearms will only have the option of buying them on the black market. This process creates more criminals in the eyes of the federal government. If you look up all the gun control statistics that are available online, you should come to your own conclusion about whether or not it is reasonable to pass stricter gun laws.

One important element to consider while looking over gun control pros and cons is the concept of a tyrannical government. Many pro gun lobbyists say the government is more likely to become tyrannical if the people have no way of protecting themselves from criminals, or even the government. The pros and cons of gun control will always be debated by both sides. This issue will continue one as long as mankind is living on this earth. Punishing all gun owners as a collective because of the violent actions done be a few criminals seems overkill. There are many pro gun advocates that take into consideration what the U.S. Constitution says when it comes to comparing all pros and cons of gun control.