Pro or Anti, the Gun Debate Still Rages On

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Gun control statistics

Debates on gun control continue to rage on all across the country, despite the impending debt ceiling and the government shutdown. Whether you take sides with the pro gun control debate, or are adamantly against it, we all have our sources of information that we pull facts from.

But how reliable are your sources? A lot of the time, people will take their data from places that support their own opinions. For example: those against gun control usually turn to sources like the NRA for their information, whereas those in favor of gun control will listen to a more liberal provider of facts and data.

The safest and most unbiased way to get your gun control debate arguments and facts are through a neutral party. Getting information from someone who does not have a stake in the outcome is the only way that you can be sure that they have done nothing to manipulate the information, or omit crucial facts.

  • Pro Gun Control Debate
  • As mentioned above, the pro gun control debate is sided by the more liberal organizations. Whether they are blatant organizations for gun control, or even just more liberal news sources, be sure you know their political standing before taking their data as whole truth. Even an organization such as NPR cannot be held as 100% reliable, because of their generally liberal agendas.

  • Anti Gun Control Debate
  • The gun control debate facts for the anti control side are just as suspect. Again, the NRA and its constituents are perhaps the most vocal in this debate. But generally any Republican or right-wing organization is going to have some sort of investment in keeping gun control down. Any of their facts and information are going to be exaggerated or skewed in order to make gun control seem the worst of the evils out there.

  • Gun Control Debate Facts
  • Right after the Columbine school shootings in 1999, support for gun control skyrocketed, as to be expected. However, since then, ABC/The Washington Post, Pew, and Gallup, have all found support for gun control to be decreasing greatly over the last 13 years. Only six months after the Newtown, CT shooting, support for new gun control measures levelled off again. Also after Newtown, nearly as many people blamed it on an isolated incident as did those who thought it a part of a larger societal epidemic.

Take those facts as you may. They are backed by simple numbers. There is no skew or filter. And there are plenty more gun control statistics out there that are simple, straightforward, not supporting either side. If you want to have a truly informed and knowledgeable opinion on the matter, be sure to look for that data before you come to any conclusions.