Pro or Anti Gun Control Only You Can Decide

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Gun control debate arguments

Have you read any gun control debate essays recently? Have you taken the time to do any additional research at all, on top of the mixed and filtered facts that you can get from either side? There are so many varying, skewed, and downright dishonest, facts about both sides of the gun control debate, that it’s nearly impossible to figure out what side is giving the right information. And that’s no guarantee that either side is actually being honest.

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  • Either side of the debate is going to have their own list of pros and cons of gun control. Even if pro gun control is giving the “cons of gun control” they are not going to be completely honest. They are not going list the pertinent facts, only those that make gun control seem better than a lack of it. The same can be said for the opposite side.

    The trick, when you find these handy little “pros and cons” charts and infographics is to first figure out their sources. If it was created by an organization that takes one side over the other, forget it. It will not be unbiased. And if it’s by an organization that, on first glance, looks to be neutral, look into the name. You may end up finding that organization is funded by a company that is adamantly for or against gun control. Know your sources.

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  • The same thing can be said when looking into actual debates. If you’re watching a video of an actual debate, be sure to look up who sponsored it first. The editing may be biased to make one of the debaters seem like they don’t know what they’re talking about and can’t hold their own when it comes to debating a “clearly more knowledgeable” opponent. Or, those who put the debate together may have chosen two debaters who are not even on the same level of knowledge to begin with, forcing an unfair advantage.

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  • And finally, make sure that, even when you’re reading any gun control debate essays, your sources are reliable. Even if they come from a university, be sure that the university is not funded by a benefactor who may have a very strong opinion on the matter. As tragic as it may seem, it is all-too common an occurrence.

The moral of the story: no matter where your opinion falls on the matter, be sure to do your research. Don’t just settle for what the NRA or Fox News tells you. Branch out. Get both sides. And then make an informed opinion.