Facts About Gun Control

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Gun control article

There are some facts about gun control which may be unsettling. Gun control facts include data about gun ownership and gun crime statistics. If anyone cares to go through even a few items of gun death statistics, he will be convinced about the need for making gun control more effective through legislation. The only people who do not seem to be bothered about gun control facts are the pro gun lobbies which are determined to scuttle any move towards governing gun ownership by law.

Gun control facts throw up many truths by way of facts and figures including gun crime statistics. Many of these facts have been extensively covered in gun control debates. But we need to go through them again and again both to reinforce the argument in favor of strong gun control law and to challenge the position adopted by the anti gun law groups.

As per figures based on worldwide data, the United States is in possession of about 50 percent of the guns in the world. This refers to the guns owned by individuals not by the US army, police or other security forces. Yet the population of the US is only about 5 percent of the world population. The wide divergence between the share in the population and the share in the gun ownership is a clear pointer to the high rate of gun ownership in our country. We seem to be paying the price for such high gun ownership as indicated by the fact that in those parts of our country which have a large gun owning population, the number of children getting killed by guns is very high.

Opponents of gun control have their own arguments in support of their position. One argument often heard is that the right of gun ownership is provided by the 2nd amendment. But the fact is that nearly the entire 2nd amendment (99 percent , if you want the correct figure) was drafted by people who had no legal background. In fact most of them have not even been to the college. Given this background of the people behind this law, making an amendment to this law cannot be considered wrong. Perhaps because they realize that they do not have any strong points on their side, some pro NRA legislators are known to be creating rules that will prevent the CDC from studying gun violence.