Looking at Gun Control Pros and Cons

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Gun death statistics

If you are asked to take a stand on the issue of gun control, you should first take a look at gun control pros and cons. Doing this will ensure that you are aware of the arguments for both the sides of the gun control debate. After studying these factors, you can take a position on supporting or opposing gun control.

Typically, gun control pros and cons have two components. One is the reality as revealed by gun control facts. The second is the set of arguments supporting either side. Gun crime statistics are facts which cannot be disputed. But facts can be interpreted in different ways. This is where the arguments come in. Gun control pros and cons can therefore be just gun death statistics or arguments based on these facts. Some people also use theoretical arguments and assumptions to support their stand. Let us examine some gun control pros and cons.

1) According to gun control facts, the United States has about 50 percent of the private guns in the world. The term private guns is used to exclude guns owned by the police, armed forces etc. While a single country of the world having half of the guns in the world itself sounds abnormal, the fact that the US population is only five percent of the population of the world reveals how abnormal is the gun ownership in the US.

2)One of the theoretical arguments that forms part of gun control pros and cons is the assertion of some people that owning guns will give protection to the people and will thus bring down crime. This argument is not supported by evidence. On the contrary, evidence shows the reality to be the opposite. Areas that have high gun ownership have reported a larger number of murders as well as suicides.

3) Another theoretical argument that is sometimes cited as a part of gun control pros and cons is that in a democracy, there should be no control including gun control. This argument misses the point in that the purpose of gun control is to prevent tyranny and not gun ownership.

While the debate on gun control pros and cons has been going on, some groups opposing gun control adopt certain unethical methods. Some legislators loyal to the NRA (National Rifles Association) are busy making rules that will prevent independent bodies like the National Institute of health from studying gun violence.