An Introduction To Gun Control Pros and Cons

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Gun control statistics

The pros and cons of gun control are a topic that are not likely to go away any time soon. Recent shootings that have happened across the country over the past decade, along with the push for legislation banning or regulating certain types of firearms have all caused many to review the gun control pros and cons that are expected to shape future debate. Gun control statistics have shown that there are some advantages to gun regulation, but that those advantages all have to do with having a more well educated gun owning population. Just taking guns out of the equation only reduce gun violence, but not all violent crime as a whole; crime rates in the UK and other areas where guns have been banned are a testament to that fact.

A look at gun control pros and cons reveals more about the American psyche as well. We have, as a country, always had the ability to arm ourselves for virtually any situation. It has not been until fairly recently that gun control has become such an important topic, although it is important to point out how the political poles have shifted within the past fifty years. The NRA originally began as a gun control advocacy group, which pushed for stricter controls and more education for gun ownership. It has since become what may be considered by some to be an organization that represents gun manufacturers more so than the owners. That stance is echoed by those who advocate for gun control in modern politics. When examining gun control pros and cons it is vital to think about the money and the message behind each side carefully.

The gun control pros and cons that are worth talking about are always those that relate to personal defense. The oft quoted phrase of, “If we make guns illegal, only the criminals will have them,” does have some measure of truth to it. On the other hand, criminals come to America specifically to purchase firearms due to lax regulations. A look at gun control pros and cons is about what that means, and the impact that it could be having on the entire continent beyond our United States borders. A closer review of gun control pros and cons will yield some important introspection on what we can do to reduce violent gun crime in this country, and in the future.