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The Pros and Cons of Gun Control

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Gun control pros and cons

The arguments used to debate any difficult topic can inherently be viewed from two vastly different viewpoints. If that were not the case, it would not be a difficult topic to resolve. To illustrate, here are a couple pros and cons of gun control.

1) The right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers saw personal gun ownership as a means to protect against tyrannical rule. Since its creation and through many changes in culture, our Constitution has shown again and again the wisdom and forethought of its architects, so it is only natural to continue to rely on it for guidance and authority. But the wisdom and forethought of the architects also included a significant amount of flexibility, along with the ability to change and adapt to evolving cultural and social norms. A

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Gun Control

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Gun control pros and cons

Very few societal issues have been as polarizing in American culture as that of gun control. Each side of the debate seems to be working from a different set of gun control pros and cons. There have seeming always been “gun proponents” who guard their right to bear arms very closely, and there have conversely been those who advocate for more strict state and federal regulations on specific concerns like “assault rifles” and high capacity magazines.

With the debate at a fever pitch in the United States, an actual assessment of gun control pros and cons often seems completely impossible. The tendency is to resort to rhetoric rather than to adhere to the actual gun control statistics when attempting to objectively compare gun control pros and cons. To that point, according to the reputable, Pulitzer Prize winning site it is inherently true that compared to other European nations of similar economic development, gun homicide rates are significantly higher here in the United States. And yet this fact is often obscured during the course of a gun control debate.

These European nations, as well as Japan, boast lower murder rates to coincide with much stricter gun laws. Here in the United States, in addition to “gun show” loopholes and lax regulations in certain states that allow for citizens to use high capacity magazines like the ones used in recent tragedies in Arizona, Colorado, and Massachusetts, private individuals who sell their guns are not required to issue background checks on those purchasing the guns. Gun control advocates cite these examples of practical measures that could be taken to limit gun homicides.

Those against increased regulation often see such laws as a fundamental infringement of their Second Amendment rights. The focus on the “cons” side of the debate surrounding the pros and cons of gun control. The concern is that giving state and federal government more power in this area may lead to the unwarranted search of homes and seizure of weapons deemed “illegal.” The implication is that such abuse of governmental authority would effectively take away citizens right to defend themselves against tyrannical government actions, in this case the actions of the citizens own government,

There are seemingly no easy answers to the issue of gun control, and this very brief overview of gun control pros and cons is meant chiefly to start a respectful and meaningful dialogue among concerned citizens regardless of political ideology. The comment section below is the place for a civil and rational conversation about this issue of gun control pros and cons.

Finer Points Of The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Pros and cons of gun control

There are many pros and cons of gun control. There is the one side that professes to believe that it is every American’s right to own and carry a gun, and there is the other side stating that this right should come with some restrictions to it. The first side would argue that the Constitution has made it clear how this country should handle guns and its gun owners. The second side would counter with gun control statistics, potentially pointing to the rise in gun deaths from violence and accidents when gun control laws are lax.

The interesting thing, though, about the pros and cons of gun control is that both sides have very solid arguments. Gun control pros and cons are obviously on polar opposite sides of the spectrum, yet people on both sides of the pros and cons of gun control debate have a point when they are discussing why they feel guns should or should not be controlled more by federal and state governments. They often have emotional ties within their own respective sides, which could be why they are so passionate about their causes and so unwilling to bend in this hot debate.

The pros and cons of gun control are talked about at great length in the nation’s teachers’ lounges, parent teacher conferences, school halls and even living rooms. Not many people are on the fence about this issue, which makes it something that perhaps will be debated for some time. This debate usually has clear cut sides, which again each have their compelling arguments for feeling one way or another toward gun control and its impact on American society, but the sides usually stand firm too. This is one fascinating facet of the debate and of the pros and cons of gun control as well.

Of course, the pros and cons of gun control are not really all that set in stone, even though most people do not waver on their beliefs when it comes to this intensely debated issue. But the pros can change over time on this issue, and so can the cons. As our culture changes, our need to debate this issue will continue as well, and it perhaps might even get stronger with time. It all depends on what happens in Congress and what Americans decide to do with the rights they have in front of them with regard to this issue.