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The No 1 Factor Affecting The Debate Over Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Gun control pros and cons

As with most debates that are raging around this country today, there are multiple gun control pros and cons that people hold fast to in their discussion of this topic. On the one side, advocates for stronger gun controls and restrictions point to the idea that the more we control how and when guns are delivered to people the lower the violence rates will be around the U.S. On the other side, advocates for maintaining the status quo maintain that no matter what we do as a nation, guns will always get into the wrong hands and that other methods can be enacted to keep these guns away from these people.

Of course, with any gun control pros and cons there are hotly debated gun control statistics that each side uses to further its own argument. These statistics are just as difficult to interpret as one could imagine as it is to find statistics in the number of gun owners in this country. The numbers are staggering and somewhat confusing, and each side uses these statistics to their own advantage in discussions revolving around gun control pros and cons. In many scenarios, these arguments go nowhere, since both sides seem to be steadfast in their assessment that this country either needs very strong gun control laws or no laws at all. There is hardly a middle ground so far, and as the debate rolls on more people are affected by gun violence and more guns are getting into the hands of children, of mentally unstable people, and of people who have no business holding guns.

But perhaps the main factor that affects these discussions of gun control pros and cons is the actual activity occurring in the news today. It seems as if every day there appears a new story about a child who got hold of a gun and shot another child or a pseudo terrorist trying to destroy a marathon of runners. Yet what many cannot wrap their heads around is how the pros and cons of gun control will actually stop these actions from happening. Unfortunately or fortunately, only through educated debates of all possible gun control pros and cons can this country arrive at a solid conclusion as to how to proceed. Until that time, people struggle to keep their emotions in check as they hotly debate gun control pros and cons with those on opposite sides.