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Why Gun Control Pros And Cons Are Not Black And White

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Gun control pros and cons

The gun control debate in America is still an ongoing process through which citizens try to balance their freedoms with the safety of the nation and individual communities. Wherever and whenever gun violence takes place, gun control pros and cons are often discussed at great lengths. As one of the only major economic powers in the world that still has unrestricted access to firearms, America has an obligation to its citizens to weigh gun control pros and cons carefully through measured debate of the law, its meaning, and the effect that current legislation has on the people. Gun control statistics show that most gun violence is carried out with pistols, for example, while a majority of debate tends to center around weapons labeled as assault rifles. These are facts that need to be considered for a majority of reasons.

Some of the gun control pros and cons that you will hear will center around the idea of self defense. While there are many gun control advocates who say that the law is proof that citizens have a right to be armed in the event of unconstitutional law or action, the majority of legitimate gun use occurs in either hunting or self defense situations. The pros and cons of gun control are that you may be able to remove guns from the streets from law abiding citizens, but that criminals will still have access to firearms. Another side of these gun control pros and cons is that many of the guns which are used in violent crime are acquired illegally. Some proponents of stricter gun regulation want to impose restrictions on when and where firearms can be fired, and by whom, while others insist that this may create a watchlist that could violate the rights of citizens.

The gun control pros and cons need to be considered carefully, because any changes to the Constitution are not to be taken lightly. Although it could be said that the Constitution is a living document which must keep pace with the times, the gun control pros and cons that are currently being discussed still need to have a proper basis for both the legal system and for society at large. When only discussing either the pros or the cons, both sides can miss out on the intent and meaning of the opposing debate, a situation in which few will truly win.