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The No 1 Factor Affecting The Debate Over Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Gun control pros and cons

As with most debates that are raging around this country today, there are multiple gun control pros and cons that people hold fast to in their discussion of this topic. On the one side, advocates for stronger gun controls and restrictions point to the idea that the more we control how and when guns are delivered to people the lower the violence rates will be around the U.S. On the other side, advocates for maintaining the status quo maintain that no matter what we do as a nation, guns will always get into the wrong hands and that other methods can be enacted to keep these guns away from these people.

Of course, with any gun control pros and cons there are hotly debated gun control statistics that each side uses to further its own argument. These statistics are just as difficult to interpret as one could imagine as it is to find statistics in the number of gun owners in this country. The numbers are staggering and somewhat confusing, and each side uses these statistics to their own advantage in discussions revolving around gun control pros and cons. In many scenarios, these arguments go nowhere, since both sides seem to be steadfast in their assessment that this country either needs very strong gun control laws or no laws at all. There is hardly a middle ground so far, and as the debate rolls on more people are affected by gun violence and more guns are getting into the hands of children, of mentally unstable people, and of people who have no business holding guns.

But perhaps the main factor that affects these discussions of gun control pros and cons is the actual activity occurring in the news today. It seems as if every day there appears a new story about a child who got hold of a gun and shot another child or a pseudo terrorist trying to destroy a marathon of runners. Yet what many cannot wrap their heads around is how the pros and cons of gun control will actually stop these actions from happening. Unfortunately or fortunately, only through educated debates of all possible gun control pros and cons can this country arrive at a solid conclusion as to how to proceed. Until that time, people struggle to keep their emotions in check as they hotly debate gun control pros and cons with those on opposite sides.

How Both Sides Use Gun Control Statistics To Fuel Their Arguments

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Gun control statistics

Some argue that gun control is something that the federal government should handle because it is an extension of our rights as American citizens. Others contest that gun control legislation that currently is in effect should remain the way that it is. On either side of this argument are gun control statistics that help fuel the debate that has long been running in and out of Congress. For every one person who believes that gun control should be stricter, there are gun control statistics that point to this argument. The same rule applies for the opposite side. So what, then, does this mean for the country as it looks to decide what to do with our nation’s guns and the people who own them?

Largely, gun control pros and cons are debated and discussed at length, and rarely do parties or opposing sides break or bend their will. Rather, they throw gun control statistics at each other in the hopes that the other side will eventually come around to their own side. Because this debate is about as heated as the abortion debate that has loomed since the 1970s when the procedure became legal in the United States, there are likely to be many years of debate over the pros and cons of gun control and the issue of whether controlling where guns go actually will stop the inherent violence that exists both here and in other countries around the globe.

So as Congress and others decide what to do about the gun control issue, people on the street and in the comfort of their own homes regularly argue these pros and cons using the gun control statistics they have found from various sources. Of course, sometimes these gun control statistics are quite skewed to the one side for effect. Sometimes people fudge the numbers they read about, and other times they misinterpret or interpret the statistics to help fuel their argument. The organizations researching these statistics have their own agendas too, so often the statistics on gun control are skewed to one party’s favor.

Eventually, there will be some answer as to the gun control debate. But in the meantime, people will continue to use gun control statistics on both sides to help convince the other side to nod in agreement. That day will come at some point, but for the next decade at least there likely will be a continual argument on how to handle gun control.

Why Gun Control Pros And Cons Are Not Black And White

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Gun control pros and cons

The gun control debate in America is still an ongoing process through which citizens try to balance their freedoms with the safety of the nation and individual communities. Wherever and whenever gun violence takes place, gun control pros and cons are often discussed at great lengths. As one of the only major economic powers in the world that still has unrestricted access to firearms, America has an obligation to its citizens to weigh gun control pros and cons carefully through measured debate of the law, its meaning, and the effect that current legislation has on the people. Gun control statistics show that most gun violence is carried out with pistols, for example, while a majority of debate tends to center around weapons labeled as assault rifles. These are facts that need to be considered for a majority of reasons.

Some of the gun control pros and cons that you will hear will center around the idea of self defense. While there are many gun control advocates who say that the law is proof that citizens have a right to be armed in the event of unconstitutional law or action, the majority of legitimate gun use occurs in either hunting or self defense situations. The pros and cons of gun control are that you may be able to remove guns from the streets from law abiding citizens, but that criminals will still have access to firearms. Another side of these gun control pros and cons is that many of the guns which are used in violent crime are acquired illegally. Some proponents of stricter gun regulation want to impose restrictions on when and where firearms can be fired, and by whom, while others insist that this may create a watchlist that could violate the rights of citizens.

The gun control pros and cons need to be considered carefully, because any changes to the Constitution are not to be taken lightly. Although it could be said that the Constitution is a living document which must keep pace with the times, the gun control pros and cons that are currently being discussed still need to have a proper basis for both the legal system and for society at large. When only discussing either the pros or the cons, both sides can miss out on the intent and meaning of the opposing debate, a situation in which few will truly win.