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Gun Control Statistics

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Pros and cons of gun control

After the Sandy Hook shooting, it seems the federal government has made it their priority to pass stricter gun laws. Whether or not punishing law abiding gun owners as a collective for the actions of a few disturbed people is logical, the push for stricter gun laws will continue on into the future. There are many gun control pros and cons to consider on this issue. As a matter of fact, it is important to get familiar with gun control statistics in order to better understand how stricter gun laws will affect the people. Gun control statistics are easily found online.

In order to better understand gun control statistics, it is important to do some research on areas where guns are basically outlawed. For example, the city that has the most restrictive gun control laws in the entire country is Chicago. Private Citizens in this area were once unable to possess a handgun anywhere within Chicago city limits. Surprisingly, more police officers were killed by gunfire in this city during 2010. Chicago also has the highest violent crime rates in America. So does gun control actually work after reviewing this type of information? The debate continues on as there is an agenda for stricter gun laws in the country.

The federal government may lay low for a while on this issue until the public has forgotten about this fight. The pros and cons of gun control will obviously vary from area to another. Understanding gun control statistics is the first step towards deciding whether or not law abiding citizens should own firearms. However, there still is the Second Amendment that states people’s rights to own firearms. Whether or not people need a piece of paper telling them their rights is a whole other issue on its own. More information about gun control statistics can be easily found online.