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Facts About Gun Control

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Gun control statistics

Gun control is a topic that many people are passionate about. However, some people do not know all of the gun control statistics they should. For instance, between 40 and 45 percent of households possess one or more guns, 67 percent of which reportedly do so for protection against crime. Also, around 67 percent of murders were committed with firearms in 2008.

There are a number of gun control pros and cons. Some pros include increasing gun control may lower the armed crime rate because most violent crimes were committed with a gun. Gun control could also prevent mass murders at schools and other establishments. Also, stricter gun control can prevent fire arms from being handled by children.

Some cons to gun control include the belief that criminals will find a way to obtain fire arms, just as they do for other illegal substances. It has also been shown that crimes have been prevented by the possession of fire arms, and stricter gun control policies my prevent people the ability to guard themselves in that way. Possession of fire arms can allow weaker individuals better protection from violent crimes.

Pros and cons of gun control have been brought up on both sides of the debate. Examples and counter examples have been produced to show that allowing guns will increase violent crime rate, while others have stated that banning them could decrease protection from crime and other unwanted circumstances. Gun control pros and cons often produce the same consequence for a different action. For instance, both sides claim violent crimes will increase. Gun control pros and cons also produce different interpretations to the second amendment.

It is up to the reader to view all information on gun control pros and cons and statistics. Before choosing a side, it is important to be as educated as possible. Find out how gun control will affect your community and your household. Finally, do not allow emotion toward firearms guide your judgement. Allow yourself to be as educated as possible in that area and acquire as much information as you can on gun control pros and cons.